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Power Bank 5200 mAh L Series

10.00 AED

Who knew a tiny battery could charge a device in a minimum time. Considering the capacity of this Tiny Battery Charger, it has the high potential power of 5200mAh with the lithium-ion cell connected, that can charge your device with the juicy outcome for sure. Speaking of the battery your Portable Power Bank comes with the original Samsung brand that undoubtedly can give you a rise when in the market. This Customized Battery Charger has a status button to switch on/off with an LED indicator. It comes with the two ports next to each other, an input with 5V and the output port. The positive thing about this Protected Power Bank is it has an overcharge protection which restrains from heating up the device. To make it look more branded this Whole Sale Power Bank contains printing option on its front which makes your logo/name conspicuous because of its light injection display of 3*5cm. You’ll find it in two colors that are white and black but the glow of black color printed with your logo on it makes your name more striking.

Power Bank 5200 mAh – L Series with Samsung Long Life Battery.

Light up your logo with full color printing logo with epoxy coating.

Surge / Overcharge protection..

Available colors: Black and White.

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