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Polyester Lanyards

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White color looks pretty decent that sells the most in a business society that’s why we’re providing these white Lanyards to give the customers a gentle look as now a days it’s a part of uniform. These Custom Lanyards are of standard size of 15mm that exactly fits the ID card in it with its grasping feature that comes with it. It comes in two different holders that are clip and the hook that holds the ID card in a proper place. These Sublimation Lanyards also have safety hook fixed on to the ribbon if incase it stuck in the drawer or somewhere else it can easily be opened without worry of tearing the ribbon. These Polyester Lanyards can have full Sublimation Printing that means you can print any sort of design or you can create your logo on to it with the help of our skilled method that will easily help you to promote your brand in a better way. Presenting such professional lanyards to your customers would be a great deal for you.

Size : 15mm
Available Color : White

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