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Mugs in Frosted Glass

10.00 AED

Our new 16 Oz frosted Glass Mugs are newly introduced being successively sold in the market giving a huge outcome to the sellers. They’re made of astounding material that you’ll sense in a first look. This recently presented item has come in brilliant transparent color that can be used in bars or restaurants where there’s a great use of these frosted mugs. This frosted mug has given an attractive shape which buyers adore for their users as they’ve to serve to different people daily so that product can’t be too cheesy. This Customized Mug has an extensive size of 150 mm  with the diameter of 80mm that can fill the customer up to the stomach and wouldn’t have to ask many times. Your Wholesale Mugs are in an arrangement of 24pieces in a set which is appropriate for everybody as a result of its reasonable cost.

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