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Eco Friendly Notebooks

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it is devastating to know that each year; four billion trees are cut down just to make paper and other stationary products. As a company, it is very important to let your clients, employees and customers know that you truly care about this planet. This makes these promotional eco friendly notebooks a great gift for your employees, customers and friends because it will not only promote your brand, but is better for our personal lives too! The outer cover of these promotional notebooks is made up of recycled hardboard, which is very eco-friendly.

These notebooks are also customizable with colored stripes. Having an A5 size, these customized notebooks have a surface area large enough for your company’s logo or tag line to be easily seen. With the available printing options of screen printing or full color UV printing, get your brand logo printed today in the best possible quality and give your promotional campaign the boost it deserves.

Promotional Eco Friendly Notebooks

  • Cover Material : Hardboard
  • Size : A5 ( 140 x 210 x 20 mm )
  • Available Colors : Black, Blue, Red, Green

Printing Options :

  • Full Color UV Printing
  • Screen Printing.
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